Business Intelligence
& insights

Business Intelligence
& insights

We transform data
to speed up the performance of your campaigns

Impact Sales Marketing has aunique Intelligence Business department, made up of a team of 8 people whose job is to create innovative bespoke solutions for our clients. The tasks of this team are to:

  • Collect data optimally using multi-device tools and fully responsive websites
  • Process the data so that it can be compiled into reliable information that can be summarised
  • Create visualisations to make decision-making more efficient


Using these 3 steps, the objective of the IB department is to help the client understand the environment better in order to define recommendations as part of an ongoing strategy to optimise performance.

What is the best lever? What is the best activation? What are the best points of sale?

Currently, the challenges facing our clients concern performance evaluation and analysing deviations or potential growth areas. These are the same criteria that our team adapts on a daily basis so that they can be effectively understood.

We provide you with:

  • Support in your decision-making process
  • The ability to target stores with a growth potential to optimise the return on investment
  • The possibility of increasing productivity in the field
  • The capacity to monitor the situation and take corrective measures


Our tools are in real time, online or off-line, visual and aesthetic.

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