Our teams & our values

Our collaborators: Field marketing experts

The Impact Sales & Marketing teams are experts in the field of marketing. Fully qualified to design, implement and deploy your commercial and marketing campaigns. They are at the heart of our growth strategy and the satisfaction of our clients.

Impact associates are essential in driving the success of our operations. They benefit from a substantial training programme, ongoing supervision and all the elements needed to ensure the smooth running of their mission.

Coming from the world of industry and the service sector, our associates help and support many companies through long-lasting partnerships that prioritise performance, operational excellence and the continual improvement of return on investment and value-creation as their key objectives.


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Our values

Performance: expresses the degree of achievement of the objectives pursued. We tirelessly support the companies concerned in achieving the challenges they set themselves.


Creativity: drives the Impact teams on a daily basis. We build innovative solutions and will take the bold decisions needed to expand the range of available options.


La souplesse fait partie de l’ADN d’Impact. Nous mobilisons les ressources et mettons en œuvre des solutions rapides et qualitatives.


Flexibility: is part of Impact’s DNA. It’s the ability to adapt to a given problem. By reacting quickly, we mobilize the resources needed and implement rapid and high-quality solutions to deal with any given problem.


Team spirit: our ability to participate in achieving common goals and collaborate with each other. Our team spirit refers to our ability to work as a team, to help each other, to recognize each other’s strengths in order to achieve collective performance.