Improving performance

All of our campaigns create value in order to guarantee a real return on investment

Over 100 brands use our different solutions to benefit from our operational expertise, optimise their organisations and run their commercial and field marketing campaigns effectively.

Thanks to our multi-sector expertise, our resources (sourcing, intelligent business, logistics, fleet, IT, etc), our ability to deploy our training, collect and analyse data and insight, Impact Sales & Marketing has all the assets needed to help companies increase their performance

We provide a significant and effective response to the growing challenges of flexibility, implementation and the various issues encountered by our clients.

Because innovation and the creation of value are what drive our teams, we offer the service that best meets their needs in a changing world.

Improve your performance

  • Increase your distribution on new networks (local, drive-through solutions, community & tribes)
  • Develop committed ambassador programmes
  • Consolidate and diversify your existing sales organisation
  • Increase your ability to react faster (Agility – Speed to Market)


  • Focus on your core business
  • Significantly reduce your company’s fixed costs
  • Cost-effectiveness ratio


  • Benefit from effective operational tools
  • Benefit from information, recommendations and different market approaches