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Impact Sales & Marketing offers services with high added value in the form of outsourced or reserve sales teams, on an occasional or permanent basis, for every type of market and network. These commercial systems provide additional support or fill in for the lack of a commercial organisation experienced by some of our clients.

Impact Sales & Marketing assists many companies in preparing their projects and puts forward commercial solutions which are adapted to optimise the commercial performance of its clients.

Impact Sales & Marketing
provides you with Advice

  • on commercial development and optimising distribution systems
  • on implementing outsourced or reserve sales force services
  • on the legal ramifications of a service leading to the supply of labour in particular

Impact Sales & Marketing
provides you with Sales Force Solutions

  • Structural or one-off sales forces
  • Dedicated or shared sales forces
  • Complementary sales force to your organisation
  • Telephone sales force

Customer sales force case :

a successful Hi-Tech product launch !

The case : 

A major player in mobile telephony (reference on request), called on Impact Sales & Marketing to provide assistance in the field during the launch of its latest Smart Phone on the French market.

objectifs impact


  • Cover 2,340 sales branches in 6 weeks
  • Train the staff of the sales branches in the benefits of the product
  • Pass on and/or set up Trade marketing systems
  • Optimise the visibility of the product

moyens impact


  • Operational advice on implementing the campaign
  • Recruitment of a team of 20 experts
  • Bespoke training according to the context of the campaign and the training scenarios
  • Real time reporting on the presentation of the product in store and the feedback from the shopfloor

resultats impact


  • A visible launch on the French market
  • 95 % DNs in 3 weeks
  • 100 % visits completed
  • 4,446 sales assistants trained
  • 90 % of the Trade marketing systems set up

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