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per month,  2,4 M / year

* 2015 data

Backed by its experience in customer relations and the sale of products and services, Impact Sales & Marketing offers high-quality sales campaign systems that deliver high added value. Impact Sales & Marketing adapts its entire organisation to the specifications of your campaigns in order to coordinate the implementation and management of your marketing campaigns, whatever their scale. Impact Sales & Marketing deploys all of its expertise to completing your marketing campaigns in order to guarantee the best possible return on investment :

Impact Sales & Marketing
provides advice

  • in deploying event marketing demo days campaigns
  • in promotional and organisational mechanics
  • in implementation and training
  • in analysing compatibility with the objectives
  • in recommending targets (point of sale)

Impact Sales & Marketing
provides you with solutions for coordinating commercial campaigns

  • permanent sales promotion system
  • product and services sales and advice
  • Corner Shop and Shop-in-Shop management
  • marketing campaign system : demonstration, tasting, sampling, sales by volume, etc.
  • street marketing and flyer distribution.

Event Marketing & Promotion client case :
a permanent system in the fast moving consumer goods sector (health and beauty care market)

The case : 

A major player in the hygiene-beauty sector is seeking to consolidate its leading position on the luxury hair and body care categories. To achieve this, it called on the services of Impact Sales & Marketing to establish and manage a team of experts, brand ambassadors, responsible for coordinating a set of Beauty shops-in-shop, covering a large number of supermarkets and department stores all over France.

objectifs impact


  • Coordinate the brand’s Beauty Shops-in-shops
  • Make the customer itinerary appealing
  • Give customers a luxury Beauty experience
  • Conclude sales with a higher added value
  • Increase sales, the average basket value and purchasing on the different families of products

moyens impact


  • Recruitment of beauty experts
  • Interactive training on the products
  • Classroom training on sales techniques and the use of POS digital marketing tools
  • Constitution of a coaching team in charge of monitoring the teams at the points of sale
  • Development of a bespoke reporting interface

resultats impact


  • Coverage of several hundred points of sale in France
  • More than 200,000 consumers encountered
  • More than 100,000 beauty assessments completed
  • Increase in the average basket of more than 3 additional products
  • Development of purchases on other families of products
  • 98 % satisfaction rate of the distributor brands


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