Crowdsourcing helps Impact Field Marketing Group become more efficient!

Crowdsourcing helps Impact Field Marketing Group become more efficient!

Impact Sales & Marketing, part of the Impact Field Marketing Group, has expanded its marketing and commercial services offering by partnering with French crowdsourced data company Mobeye.

Mobeye is Frances’ leading crowdsourced data solution company with a community of over 200,000 local users is rapidly expanding into other European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and the UK.  The Mobeye app connects the community of users to the missions set by brands. A mission, for example, can be a short survey, answering predetermined questions, which need to be completed in stores that can be specified in the app.

The focus of this strong commercial partnership is to compliment the services Impact Sales & Marketing already offer their clients and provide an additional way of evaluating the position of brands throughout the French market in a quick and efficient manner, giving them accurate update of their position and consumers perception of them  in the market.

“This partnership allows Impact Sales & Marketing to provide a quick and competitive solution for our clients. It helps us asses a brands position in the market and provides us with direct consumer feedback of campaigns we have implemented.” said François Crepin, Director of Impact Field Marketing Group.

Mobeye provides a huge amount of data including, pictures and location which can be used to refine the strategic action plans created by Impact Sales & Marketing for their clients. This data ensures that the marketing plans are more accurate, profitable and consistent.

Mobeye Mobeye is used and trusted by over 70 blue chip companies in industries ranging from insurance, banking, consumer goods and retail. It effectively uses crowdsourcing to help field marketing become even more efficient and is relevant to any brand that has a distribution network and an end consumer.